Love This Great Old Wall Basket

wall-basket-ash-splint-double-hanging-loops-front side-1009 x 12114-jpg

Sorry This Item Sold

This great old wall basket is woven of ash splint
and boasts double hanging loops. The oval rim
has two thicknesses of ¾ inch splint and is
attached with old small nails. The basket maker
used 9 rows of 3/8 inch wide splint at the top
for added flair, since all the other weavers are
¾ inches wide.

The basket measures 16 ½  inches high from the
rectangular bottom to the top of the handles,
which are 2 ½ inches high; the width is 12 inches.

There are a few small stains on the back but
otherwise this wall basket is in great original
condition with no breaks or splits.

This would be so lovely with dried arrangements
or some greens and holly for Christmas.
Shop-Large-Arrow-sign-1053 x 382-jpg

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