Collectible Blue Ringed Jardiniere #70-B Frankoma Pottery

Blue Ribbed Round Pot Full view-Etsy slide-606 x 496-jpg.jpg

Item Name
Frankoma Blue Ringed Jardiniere
Price $29.00 USD
Pottery – Vase
In Stock 1
Item #
PYH – 3615

This Frankoma pottery piece can also be used as a vase, but in the original Frankoma catalog it was listed as a jardinière. The color is gorgeous and it is in pristine condition. It is 5 1/2 inches tall, with a 3 3/4 inch diameter base, a 6 1/2 inch width at the widest point and a mouth that’s 5 inches across. It’s a sturdy two pounds.

Frankoma made this jardinière starting in 1978 with red clay from Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The red clay can be clearly seen on the six notched feet. The mark, which is impressed in the glazed base, shows Frankoma and the mold number 70B.

Frankoma Pottery was founded in Oklahoma in 1933 by John Frank (hence, of course, the name Frank + oma). Their pottery is avidly collected and appreciated. More Details…



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