Redware Pottery Storage Crock Baluster Form

Redwood pottery crock

Sorry Sold

This baluster form redware storage crock has a
rolled and flattened rim. It was treated with
copper oxide to achieve the characteristic
greenish mottling and then given a clear lead
glaze (except for the base).

There is additional decoration in the form of
incised lines and squiggles on the upper two-
thirds of the crock. It measures 7 inches tall,
5 inches across the rim and 3 ¾ inches across
the base. There are several small chips on the
underside of the rim, but it is in excellent
condition otherwise.

There is a scratched-in signature on the base
which appears to be Jeannine (or similar)
Hatton, which is probably the potter’s
name but may be a former owner. We’re
unsure of the age of this pot but it is a
beautiful example of pottery.

To see more photos please follow link below >>>

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