Yellow Ware Pitcher Morton Pottery Woodland Glaze

Morton Pottery Pitcher Woodland Glaze Yellow Ware-whiteout-16-SOLD-etsy slide-3000 x 2455-jpg.jpg

Item Name
Yellow Ware Pitcher
Sold – Thank You – $55.00 USD
Pottery – Morton
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Item #
PYH – 3637

This handsome pitcher was made by Morton Pottery of Morton, Illinois, probably in the 1930’s. The green and brown decoration on this pottery, called Woodland Glaze by Morton, was spattered or daubed with a brush onto the pale yellow stoneware and then a clear overglaze was applied. Both the interior and the base are spattered as well as the exterior. The local clay that fired to this pale yellow color was exhausted by 1940; after that the clay was imported from South Carolina and Indiana, and that clay fired snow white.

The pitcher stands about 5 ¼ inches tall and is 4 ¼ inches across the base. Measuring from the outermost edge of the handle to the end of the spout, it is 7 ¼ inches across. There is a thick rim around the top and the body is ribbed.

Condition of this piece is excellent. There are tiny areas of roughness on the front edge of the spout and the upper edge of the handle. Both can be felt but not easily seen. The bottom has minor wear to the rim and some scratching to the clear glaze. There are no chips, flakes, cracks, firing flaws or crazing. The three stilt marks from the kiln are clearly evident on the base.

This 1930’s pitcher looks great wherever you place it in your home. More Details…


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