Gathering Basket with Color Bands

Ash Splint Gathering Basket


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This large round basket was woven with ash
splints and has two rows of narrow splint bands,
three courses in each row, which were dyed blue.
The color bands are lighter on the outside where
they have faded. The inside of those bands is
darker and closer to the original color.

This handwoven basket has a square bottom,
double thick rim and a wooden handle. The
bottom is slightly concave so that the basket
sits on four “corners”.

Overall, the condition is good. There are scattered
small chips out of the splint and there is a break in
the bottom where an inch of splint is missing.
There is also one piece of splint in the bottom that
has a chip out of it. None of this affects the integrity
of the basket.

This is a big basket. It is 17 inches tall to the top of
the handle; the basket itself is 8 inches tall.
Measuring across the top, the width is 12 inches.

This basket will be impressive whether hanging or sitting.

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