Folk Art Bookends Mesoamerican Couple Painted Wood

Folk Art Bookends Meso American Couple-etsy slide-606 x 496-jpg.jpg

Item Name
Wooden Book Ends
$59.00 USD
Wood Carvings – Bookends
In Stock 1 pair
Item #
PYH – 3644

The man and woman on these carved wooden bookends represent Mesoamericans, possibly Incan or Mayan. They were hand carved; the detail on them is so precise and the painting is excellent.

The figures are seated on a dark-stained, 1 inch thick slab of wood. Behind each of them is a pyramid; even the building blocks on them are delineated. The woman is seated with her arms encircling her knees; her hair is parted in the center with two long braids down her back. The man is hunched forward with his arms crossed on his lap and is wearing a simple wrapped head covering.

Since these are hand made, the measurements vary on the height of each bookend. The pyramid on the female one measures 5 ¾ inches high, while the one behind the male measures 5 ½ inches. The bases are 4 ¾ inches front to back and 3 ¾ inches across. The female figure is 4 ¾ inches tall and the male is 5 inches tall. Other than a narrow split across the man’s left foot they are in excellent condition. More Details…

PYH 3644

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