Lioness Head Iconic Egyptian King Tutankhamun

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Egyptian Head Lioness
Sold – Thank You – $125.00 USD
Art – Sculpture
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PYH – 3654

The Egyptians worshipped all kinds of cats and had several lioness-headed goddesses. King Tutankhamun had three funerary beds in his tomb. This piece is modeled after the front posts on one of those beds, which were shaped like the legs and paws of the lionesses, topped with their heads.

This piece is greenware (clay objects which do not get fired in a kiln to produce ceramic ware) and was hollow-cast and dried. It was then hand painted and patinated with touches of gilt. The painting is actually quite good, especially the heavily outlined, hypnotic eyes.

The head weighs four pounds. It is about 9 inches tall, 5 inches across the base and 6 inches at the widest point. It’s in great condition with a small chip on the center of the front right side and some tiny ones along the bottom left edge.

This is a striking piece of art that will please lovers of cats and Egyptian decor alike. More Details…

Here’s a link to a Smithsonian Institute Magazine article that show the original lioness head:

Scroll down in the article–it’s the second photo.

PYH 3654

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