Japanese Arita Plates Hand-Painted

arita plates japanese china

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This pair of 6 inch diameter dishes each have a
stylized scene hand-painted in underglaze
blue that includes Mt. Fuji and small flying birds.
The wide rim has a raised, embossed design and
a scalloped edge.

On the reverse around the foot rim are three
evenly-spaced bats, again in underglaze blue.
The foot rim has two narrow blue lines around it
and one wider line inside.

One plate has three very tiny impressed marks
and one has four. All of the marks are illegible
and do not show up in the photos. Each of the
dishes stands one inch high and each has a tiny
flake in the foot rim which can be more easily felt
than seen.

These lovely old plates will add a nice touch of
the Orient to your décor.


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