Country Black Ash Vintage Gathering Basket

Black Ash Gathering Basket

Sold Thank You $40.00

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This egg gathering basket is slightly bumped
up at the center bottom so that when eggs
or produce was placed in it, the weight was
evenly distributed. This is not a buttocks basket.
A true buttocks basket is indented much further
in the center (and the bottom is shaped like –
well–your bum.)

This nice old basket is finely woven over 24 ribs.
The shaved, bentwood handle encircles the
basket and is lap-joined at the bottom. Splint is
crisscrossed where the handle joins the bentwood

The basket measures 9 inches in diameter and 5
inches high minus the handle. It is 10 inches high at
the top of the handle. It’s in very good overall
condition but does have a few breaks in the splint
on the rim, both inside and outside. There are also
a few breaks in the bottom splint inside the basket.
All the breaks are shown in the photos.

This basket has wonderful old color and surface.


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