Fiesta Rose Teapot by the Homer Laughlin China Company

Fiesta Rose teapot

$59.00 Sorry This Item Sold

sorry sold sign

The design for this Fiesta teapot by the Homer
Laughlin China Company has such great Deco
styling—and the great rose pink color adds more
pizazz. The O shaped handle and perky ball lid
make this teapot a perennial favorite.


This is the “new” rose pink. The older rose pink
Fiesta, introduced in the 1950’s, was a darker,
dusty rose. This rose pink was introduced in
1987 and discontinued in 2005.


The impressed mark on this piece is:
The entwined letters HLC, then fiesta in lower
case script and then USA in block letters.

The teapot holds 4 cups and the measurements are:
7 inches high, 9 inches from handle to spout and 4
inches across the base.


This teapot is in like-new condition. There are two
tiny glaze pops near the spout and a narrow ½ inch
long area under the lid the pink glaze did not cover.


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