Oil Painting of Girl with Goose by Jean Henry

Theorem Painting of Girl with Goose by Jean Henry


Theorems are paintings done on velvet with oil paints or watercolors that were a popular art form in the first half of the nineteenth century. They were named theorems as they used a formula (theorem) for the composition, primarily relying on stencils drawn and cut out by the artist and some freehand painting as well.


This twentieth-century theorem was painted by Virginia artist Jean Henry, who designed and painted all her works with oils on cotton velveteen. She created this theorem in 1980, the only year she signed her works with her initials JRH. Her husband Robert made all her frames; he made this ¾ inch wide one out of fir. Mr. and Mrs. Henry retired in 2014.

This charming painting of a girl with a goose measures 6 1/8 inches by 5 1/8 inches and is in excellent condition. It does have a hanging wire on the back which could be easily removed if needed. This would be lovely in a grouping of primitive art or with other objects on a shelf or in a cupboard.



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