Art Pottery Vase Modernist Design Drip Glazed

Art Pottery Vase

Sorry Sold


While this piece of pottery is properly termed a vase, it was intended more as an art object rather than a flower holder. The gently swelling, tapered cylinder shape is covered with freely applied poured glazes. The dripping glaze pooled at certain spots and can be felt as raised surfaces on the vase.

The colors are gorgeous on this vase. The gunmetal gray at the top creates an ombre effect onto the caramel glaze, which is separated from the three areas of reddish tan glaze at the bottom by irregular dripped edges of dark brown glaze. The bottom is glazed in the reddish tan except for the rim, which is unglazed. This vase was molded, as opposed to wheel-thrown, but is classified as art pottery instead of utilitarian pottery.

The vase is a nice size: 9 ½ inches tall, with a 2 5/8 inch mouth and a 3 inch diameter base. At its widest point it is approximately 5 inches. It’s in excellent condition, with some age-related crazing in the caramel areas and a tiny glaze bump at the top edge. There are no cracks, chips, flea bites or other flaws.
This vase is certain to be enjoyed and admired wherever it is placed.



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