Sewer Tile Figurine “RARE”

Sewer-tile-man-shipping-Etsy-PRIMPING -Frame-Template2-slide-show-SOLD-574 x 445-jpg.jpg

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Men who worked in the sewer pipe factories would use a bit of leftover clay to make gifts or just for their own amusement. Sewer tile objects are now considered folk art, as they were usually created by men with no training in art or sculpture.

We’ve owned several sewer tile figurines over the years, but this is our all-time favorite. The detail on this hand-carved figurine is just amazing. From his narrow-brimmed fedora to the shoelaces on his brogues, he was obviously made by someone with great talent. Given the scowl on his face and his angry stance, with his left hand in his pocket and the right one behind his back and his chin jutting out, we think an employee caricatured “The Boss.” Can’t you hear him saying “Faster, better, more”? 

Standing 7 ½ inches tall and measuring 3 ½ inches across the base, there are two chips under the brim of the hat. The chips are not really noticeable until you lift it up and look under the front brim. The base is signed “duffy” with a small circle to the right of the signature. This is an outstanding piece of folk art dating to the 1920’s-1930’s and a wonderful addition to a collection.
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