Italica Ars Pitcher from Tuscany

Rooster Pitcher Front View sold-Two-827 x 815-jpg_burned.jpgThis lovely terra cotta pitcher was hand-thrown
and hand painted by potters working for
Italica Ars. This pottery began in the early 1900’s,
but in 1948 it became a cooperative of 24 potters.
They were located in Lastra a Signa, a province of
Florence in Tuscany. The company was liquidated
in 2009.

The mellow colors, including the background one
which looks like yellow ware, give this ceramic
pitcher a very country air. The rooster, which as
is typical for this ware, faces to the left. There is a
rippled rim and motifs of flowers, leaves and scrolls
in blue. Also in blue is the very clear Italica Ars mark
on the bottom. The condition is pristine, with only
minor crazing.

talica Ars Pitcher from Tuscany Back View
This pitcher weighs over 2 pounds and stands 6 ½
inches tall. its base is 3 ½ inches across and at its
widest is 6 ½ inches. The glazes used on this ware
is lead-free and safe for food.

Italica Ars pottery is considered very high quality and
was only sold through high-end stores such as
Nordstrom. Its beauty will complement your home
while being a good investment.


This item has been sold-Thank You

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