Sculpture of a Mountain Man Log Art

Old man in log-200%-front view

Sold – $60.00

Do you have a rustic cabin in the woods? Do you decorate your home like one? Here is the perfect folk art sculpture for you!

Hand-carved out of a tree trunk or thick branch, this old man is very finely done. He has a lock of hair falling over his
forehead, a mustache, a beard and one eye is squinting. The back of the sculpture retains its natural bark.

Old man in log Back View Of His Bark

He is 8 ½ inches tall and 5 ¼ inches at his widest point. There is an old nail (!) on the right side of his head, with some
splitting around it. Along with the natural imperfections of wood and bark, there are some old worm holes on top of his head (photo # 4) and on the bottom (photo # 5).

This is a very dramatic piece of tree bark art.


Add To Cart Button-black=small-Sq-sign-150 x 49 jpg.jpg


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