Pottery Box Marked Moriyama Art Deco Marbleized (Sold)

art deco box corners-1252 x 951-jpg.JPG

Sold – Thank You – $39.00

With its geometric shapes and streamlined, Cubist form, this small box epitomizes the Art Deco era. It is made of off-white china and swirled with green, brown and rust to convincingly mimic marble. The stamp on the bottom of the box is in green under the glaze and consists of the name Moriyama in script curved over a basket of flowers with the words Made in Japan in capital block letters underneath it.

This mark was one of two used by the famed Moriyama Pottery Company, located in the
Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. The company was started in 1911;  this piece dates prior to World
War II. It is about 4 ½ inches tall to the top of the knob on the lid. The lid is about 3 ½ inches square and at its widest point (from the outer edge of one leg to the other)  measures 5 inches.

As to condition, there is some roughness on the upper inside edge of the box where the lid fits in
and some discoloration there also. The bottoms of the four legs are unglazed so they have the expected roughness and darkening. Otherwise, there are no chips, cracks, or flea bites. Retaining its original lid, this Art Deco box is in excellent overall condition.

art deco box corners lid off -

Great find for the collector of Art Deco and/or boxes!


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