Goldcastle China Bowl Mid-Century

Goldcastle Mid-Century China Bowl


This striking bowl is decorated in bold colors and stylized Japanese motifs that mark this piece of china as an export made for the Western market. In the central area, there is a large pink lotus flower with a bud and leaves, a winding stream and small flowers and shrubs. The wide burgundy border has scalloped floral medallions interspersed with orbs in yellow and white. The reverse has an unglazed foot rim and the typical blue lines around it (both of which have some glaze skips in the lines, which was done in the manufacturing process.)

It was made by a company called GoldCastle (sometimes identified as Gold Castle). The red mark on the base reads in a circle: Goldcastle Made in Japan and has a pagoda in the center. According to, this mark was used in the 1950’s. Since it’s not marked Occupied Japan, it was made after 1952.

The bowl measures 8 inches across, 2 ¼ inches high and has a 3 ½ inch base. There is some gilt loss on the scalloped rim, but it is otherwise in excellent shape.


Details-black=small-Sq-sign-150 x 49 jpg.jpg


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