German Bisque Figures of a Girl and Boy Caroling

Weiss, Kuhnert German Bisque Figures of a Girl and Boy Caroling Two.JPG

Sold – $52.00

This pretty pair of hand painted unglazed (bisque) figures was made in Grafenthal, Thuringia, Germany by Weiss, Kuhnert and Company. The printed mark on each bottom back of the boy and girl is in red and consists of W.K.C., crossed sticks in the center of the word Grafenthal and underneath that is Germany (please see photos) The factory used this mark starting in 1905. They made fine porcelains, mainly for export. The quality of their goods and their impeccable reputation resulted in a license from Disney to produce Mickey Mouse figures starting in 1929.

In addition to the red company mark, each figure has the same number (3527) impressed on the back, indicating they are a matched pair. The girl is holding a songbook with tiny musical notes impressed on it. She wears a white jacket with a pink ribbon tied on the collar and a powder blue skirt. Her jacket is trimmed in gold and there are tiny porcelain beads on her skirt that are also gilded. She stands 6 ¼ inches tall on a base that is 1 ¾ inches wide.The boy is strumming a lute that has a pink bow tied at the top. He also has a gold-trimmed white jacket and his pale blue knee breeches, with the same gold beads as the girl’s skirt, are tied at each side over his white stockings. He is also 6 ¼ inches tall on the same size base. Both have rosy cheeks from caroling in the winter air. Notice the unpainted backs of the figures; this was a common practical technique for china figures, since the back was not seen when it they were on a shelf or in a cabinet. There is a tiny area on the back of the girl’s head where there is a paint skip, but otherwise both of these figures are in original condition, with no chips, cracks, flakes or repairs.

This charming pair will add a European touch anywhere in your home.


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