Bathing Beauty Pin-up Girl on Horner’s Candies Tin

Pin Up Girl Candy Tin

Sorry Sold

This redheaded bathing beauty is wearing a two piece swimsuit, wedge sandals and is wondering where her date is. The tin was probably made in the 1940’s or early 50’s and created by George W. Horner & Co., Inc., Chester-le-Street, County of Durham, England. The contents of the rectangular tin were Horner’s Blue Boy Candy Treasures, pictured on the original paper label on the bottom of the tin; they appear to be wrapped hard candies. The box held a half-pound of the candies, or as they put it, 8 OZS NETT WEIGHT. The same typo is printed on the side that gives the ingredients. Both of the ends have Horner’s trademark. The company started in 1910 and closed their doors in 1960.

The tin measures 8 inches long, 5 inches wide and about 1 3/8 inches high including the lid. The lid fits snugly and there is no rust or dents or dings. There are the usual tiny scratches but they do not affect the graphics. The back has a lot of the shine rubbed off, but the tin really is in lovely condition overall.

Great gift for the advertising tin collector or the pin-up collector!

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