French Bronze Pair of Footed Fluted Vases

Pair of Metal Vases With Wheat 1337 x 1484-jpg.JPG

Sorry This Item Sold $39.00

We love these vases—they look good anywhere and with lots of different decorating styles. The flared rim, graceful fluted body and incised foot topped with a ½ inch wide band all add up to a very attractive vase. They are heavy French bronze (AKA zinc or pot metal) and are designed to hold drieds or silks, but not water. They have been chemically patinated with the effects of bronze, rust and verdigris.

Each vase is 9 ¼ inches tall, with a 2 ¾ inch wide mouth and a 3 inch wide circular base. They weigh 1 pound 14 ounces each and they’re in superb condition. They look great on a mantelshelf, on either side of a centerpiece, on a sideboard, on either side of a propped-up painting—the places are nearly endless.

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