Manzoni and Martini Hand Wrought 14 Inch Copper Charger Signed

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This stunning flower form charger made of hand wrought copper is signed on the reverse in an etched script that reads: Hand made by Manzoni and Martini Boston 14 MP (which is probably a design number). Manzoni and Martini Art Metal Company was a firm in Boston started by metal artisan Peter Manzoni. He partnered with Angelo Martini sometime after 1937; the earliest pieces were signed “Peter Manzoni” or simply “Manzoni”. The last mention of the company we could find is in the 1957 Boston city directory, but they may have been in business after that. Interestingly, they were listed there under “Arts and Crafts Workers.” Peter Manzoni wrote a book, first published in 1935 by the Beacon Press in Boston, entitled “Metalcraft for Amateurs.”

Manzoni and Martini Hand Wrought 14 Inch Copper Charger

SOLD- Thank  You – Was $225.00 – NOW $175.00

This piece was made in the first half of the twentieth century in the tradition of the Arts and Crafts movement, which emphasized handmade, simple forms influenced by nature. The charger is divided into five petals with an encircled five petal flower in the center, which is detailed and sculptural. The artisans used two different color techniques to create the patina: a swirled silver wash and a darkening agent along the edges (which is what the two darker curves are at the bottom). The finishes are rubbed for a low luster surface that feels very silken to the touch. It’s in very good condition, with a small crimp on the outside edge of one of the petals and some scattered dark spots and fine scratches on both the front and back. None of this detracts from its beauty.

This charger is an impressive fourteen inches across and stands three quarters of an inch high. Any area of your home will be enhanced by this striking work of art.


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