Liquor Decanters, Set of Four 1960’s/ 1970’s Figural Ceramics

Four Liquor Decanters-Whiteout-SOLD-1303  x1070 jpg.JPGThis matched set of figural liquor decanters are beautifully hand painted with extra details such as touches of gilt and a wide range of colors. The molds for these decanters were made by Alberta Molds in Wichita, Kansas, which has been making molds for greenware since 1949. All four of these decanters have the impressed signatures of the artist, Sirmon, who painted them and the gin decanter has the impressed Alberta’s mark. Some of these decanters that we’ve seen are not painted carefully or in very many colors but these are very well done.

Each of these fun figurals is about 12 inches tall and weighs a hefty 2 ¼ pounds. The bases are 4 inches across. They are all in great vintage condition with any chips noted in the description of each decanter. On each piece the hat functions as the top. Because they no longer have the strip of cork on the inside of each hat, the tops are a bit loose. There are no cracks, odors or repairs on any of them.

These are the characters and the liquor they represent:

Scotch= a winking Scotsman in a plaid kilt with a diamond pattern on the tops of his knee socks and a jaunty tam on his head. There are two fleabites on the top of his tam and a few on the bottom of the base.

Gin= a British “Bwana” with his gun and his “big game”—a mouse. He’s wearing his bush outfit, pith helmet and a monacle. Chips include one on the underside of the hat and one on top; one on the front edge of the base and a few on the stopper of the helmet not visible when it’s in place. There is a tiny paint skip on the lower right front edge of his jacket.

Bourbon= a Southern Gentleman (yes he looks like Colonel Sanders) with his cigar, a pocket watch chain across his paunch, a string tie and a fedora. There are two chips on his hat and one on the underside of the base. His hat is the only area on any of these with a little crazing.

Vodka=a Russian Cossack with his karacul hat, bushy beard and long robe tied at the waist. There are two fleabites, one on his right arm and one at the bottom of his robe. There is a chip on the stopper of the hat that fits into the bottle which does not show when the hat is in place.

These decanters are very artfully painted and would be a colorful and humorous addition to any bar, den, she shed or man cave.

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