Egyptian Copper Wall Plaque Worshipping the Sun God

Egyptian Sun Wall Plaque

$30.00 Sold Thank You

Like many people we’ve always been fascinated by ancient Egypt, so this plaque really appealed to us. It’s hand made out of copper that has been enameled and inlaid with silver. There are many classic Egyptian symbols on it such as the three flowers, which are the lotus symbol of upper Egypt, and the sun (god) shining down on the pharaoh who is wearing the crown of upper Egypt. The pharaoh is accompanied by what is probably a priest and both are holding up offerings. At the upper edge are symbols that are meant to represent hieroglyphics and on the right is a bird, a very important symbol in mythology.

The plaque is 10 inches in diameter and hangs flat against the wall with a barely raised rim. There is a triangular hanging tab on the back. It is in very good condition with only fine scratches to show its age.

This complex design was an ambitious venture for the artist, who did not sign his or her work. It turned out beautifully and would lend a touch of ancient Egypt wherever it is hung on the wall or propped on a shelf.

Enter-shoppe-Arrow-sign-400 x 145-jpg.jpg


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