Ceramic Pig Decoupaged With Chintz Fabric

Floral Pig Front view-890 x 774-jpg.JPG


sorry sold sign

This vintage porker is made of ceramic and has been decoupaged with a beautiful chintz fabric. She is so charming, with the black background contrasting with the pastel flowers lending her an English country air. Her eyes and nostrils were painted on in black and she has several layers of clear glaze over all. Although there is some wear on the bottoms of her feet, she’s in great condition, with no chips or cracks.

Weighing one pound, six ounces and measuring 8 inches long, about 4 ½ inches at her chubbiest point, she’s resting her chin on her front feet with her rear up in the air. She’s 6 inches tall to the top of her back. A stubby tail and perky ears complete the look. Decoupage enjoyed strong popularity in the 60’s and 70’s; there are many fabric decoupaged cats from that era, but this is the first pig we’ve found.

This is definitely a pretty,well behaved pig.

Enter-shoppe-Arrow-sign-400 x 145-jpg.jpg


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