Doll Size Old-Fashioned Toy Tricycle Cast Iron

Teddy on dolls old trike

 Sold – Thank You – $95.00

This toy tricycle is a replica of a child’s tricycle ca 1880. It has a wonderful overall rusty appearance and is made of cast iron except for the handles and the oval seat, which are wood. The handlebars turn the front wheels in either direction. It’s riveted together and very well constructed. The front wheels and the pedals turn, the rear wheels do not. It is 19 inches long, 14 inches tall, 8 ½ inches between the handlebars and 10 ½ inches between the back wheels. There is no manufacturer’s mark and it’s in excellent vintage condition.

This trike is great for display with or without a doll, stuffed animal or your favorite bear.

P.S. Sorry, our bear is not included.

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