Great Horned Owl Enormous Ceramic Still Bank Alberta’s Mold

Still Bank Alberta’s Mold of a Great Horned Owl

Sold Thank You $85.00

This wonderful coin bank is over 14 inches tall (practically life-sized) and beautifully hand painted with a clear overglaze. The mold for this bank was made by Alberta’s Molds in Wichita, Kansas, which has been making molds for ceramic items since 1949. The impressed Alberta’s Molds, Inc. mark is shown in photo #4. The artist who painted this bank did not sign it.

While real great horned owls are fierce looking, this fellow is decidedly friendly and cheerful. His beak appears to be smiling and his big green plastic eyes do also. The 1 ¼ inch long coin slot is on the back of his head and there is a nice large red rubber stopper on the bottom so the coins can be removed. He weighs a hefty 5 pounds and measures about 9 inches at his widest part from front to back and side to side. This bank is in absolutely terrific condition—not a chip, crack or fleabite. He’ll hold many, many coins and add a substantial presence to a bank or owl collection.


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