Antique Signed and Dated Hand Painted Fruit Serving Plate

Marty apple plate on Black Background-2032 x 1524-jpg.JPG


This gorgeous late nineteenth century serving plate or platter was hand painted in 1892 and signed on the front Marty Mitchell and again on the back, Marty ’92. The painting of an apple tree branch with five apples and lots of leaves is very detailed, natural and quite well done. There are no manufacturer’s marks on the reverse.

In the Victorian and Edwardian eras it was a common pastime for ladies to hand paint china as a hobby. Women often formed china painting clubs and enjoyed displaying their efforts in their homes. Many china companies sold blanks that were then used by these amateur artists.

This oval platter measures 12 inches by 11 inches and stands 1 inch high on its footed base. It weighs one pound, eleven ounces. The outer rim is embossed with raised swirls and is pierced on each end. Other than a little rubbing on the unglazed foot rim, the plate is in absolutely pristine condition; it probably never saw service but was a cabinet piece.


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