Barbara Culp Enameled Copper 10 Inch Bowl Signed

Front of cave bowl on black background-1387 x 1290-jpg.JPG


This beautiful handcrafted copper bowl was created by eminent painter, jewelry designer and enamelist Barbara Culp. She started her career designing jewelry, then turned to enamel on metal pieces and finally painting on canvas. The bowl is signed on the bottom “B Culp” and is decorated with four primitive figures, three animals and one human figure with a bow and arrow. These are painted on in dark brown, with the background colors varying shades of rust and apricot. We’ve seen the designs on Barbara Culp’s bowls and plates described as “Southwest” but to us these look as much like the cave paintings in Lascaux, France as they do the pictographs of the Southwest. We’ve also seen her work described as from the 1950’s, but since she was born in 1948, we doubt that.

This piece has a 10 inch diameter and stands 3 ¼ inches tall. It’s in absolutely terrific condition with no cracks, chips or dents.

This modern studio piece has the knack of looking great in modern, traditional, ethnic or eclectic interiors.


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