Sea Captain Oil Painting by Charles Van Meer


Old ship captain in full dress with hat black background-1313 x 1446-jpg

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This eye-catching painting of a sea captain with white beard and hair was painted in the 1980’s by Charles Van Meer. The old man of the sea is wearing a classic blue and white captain’s hat that has a golden anchor and rope insignia. His jacket is the same color blue as his hat and the background is a pale blue gray. The artist, who signed the painting lower left “Van Meer,” is known for his paintings of sea captains and skippers. We’ve seen many of them over the years, most recently on a wall of sea captain paintings in a restaurant in Seattle.

The back of the frame is stamped in brown ink “Collector’s Corner, Inc.” This was a company that offered original signed paintings and prints at reasonable prices ($100 to $1500), employing “home parties” to promote their art work. There have been varying opinions as to whether or not the company sold “production art,” meaning art turned out by artists in their employ who worked quickly to “produce” art for sale. We thought the painting was attractive and well executed, and while we were aware of this debate, we bought it because we liked it. Many of Charles Van Meer’s paintings are quite dark, but in this one the colors are light and fresh.

The frame of this painting, which measures 21 ¼ inches by 17 ¼ inches, is 2 ¼ inch wide golden wood with a 5/8 inch wide black velvet liner and an innermost liner of narrow golden wood. The frame is in excellent condition with just minor wear and the painting is in excellent shape also.

This original oil painting will add a nautical touch to your home, oceanside or not.


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