British Beefeater Gin Collectible Ice Bucket

Beefeater Gin Ice Bucket-AA-SOLD-Esty Slide-590 x 477.jpg


This handsome ice bucket dates from the 1960’s and is made of molded thick rubber, although it is so beautifully painted, it appears to be ceramic at a distance. It is made in the image of a British Yeoman Warder, a ceremonial guard at the Tower of London, commonly known as a Beefeater. He is wearing Tudor state dress, used in all Beefeater gin advertising. It’s very eye-catching, what with all the color and the excellent detail. The bucket has a lift-off lid and a removable glass liner. The word Beefeater is molded into the black rectangle at bottom front. We’ve seen some Beefeater collectibles whose faces were actually scowling, but this fellow is smiling and happy—the perfect advertisement for the British gin (which is now, incidentally, owned by a French drinks firm).

The bucket is 10 ½ inches tall (5 inches without the lid on) and 8 inches across at the widest point; front to back, it’s 6 ½ inches including the Beefeater rectangle in front. The glass insert is 5 ½ inches across and 4 ½ inches tall. He’s in really terrific condition, having only some black marks on the bottom and a tiny bit of rim roughness on the liner, which is probably from the manufacturing. There are no identifying manufacturer’s marks.

In addition to ice, you could use this bucket to serve snacks like nuts or chips. He makes a decorative, useful item for entertaining and a great addition to a barware or advertising collection.


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