Letter Rack Made in Virginia Solid Brass

Brass pineapple mail holder and wow card-1518 x 1033-jpg

Sorry This Item Sold

This letter or stationery rack is made of solid brass and marked with an oval sticker on the back that reads: Yorktown Brass Yorktown, VA. No luck finding out any information on this company, but there were several brass companies in Yorktown over the years. They made a lot of small souvenir cannons to commemorate the surrender at Yorktown that effectively ended the Revolutionary War. The pineapples that are the motif were the symbol of hospitality in Colonial America.

The rack measures 4 1/4 inches across the front, 4 inches at the highest point and is 1 1/4 inches deep. It’s made of good quality, sturdy brass and is in excellent condition. We’ve lightly polished it so it has just a glow.

This letter rack is a handsome way to make sure your outgoing bills and letters get mailed or to keep stationery handy on your desk.


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