Sunset Over the Everglades Florida Highwaymen Style

Tropical Painting white background-1176 x 1309-jpg_SOLD_burned.jpg

Sold – Thank You –  $45.00

The anonymous artist who painted this work on canvas art board probably used acrylic paint, although it is often difficult to distinguish between acrylics and oils. The painting showcases the vibrant colors of sunset over the Everglades here in Florida. In the foreground are two Everglades palms and the trunk of one that was probably hit by lightning. In the background is a tree island in the sawgrass marsh. The simplicity of the painting and the subject matter make this work very reminiscent of the paintings of the Florida Highwaymen, so-called because they painted their works on Upson board (fiber board) and then sold them along the highways in Florida.

The painting is framed in a flat molding a little over an inch wide, painted a matte gold on both sides. The framed measurements are 15 ½ inches tall by 12 inches wide and ¾ inch thick. There is no hanger on the back, but one could be easily added. It’s a nice size and weight to be propped with other art works and collectibles on a shelf or piece of furniture. The condition of the painting is excellent; the frame is in good structural condition but does show some age spots on the paint on the front.

The gorgeous colors of this work of art will add a tropical vibe wherever it’s place or hung.


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