Victorian Style Doll’s Pram

Mini antique baby pram side view-1244 x 1432.JPG

 Sold – Thank You $60.00

This charming carriage is also called a buggy, pram or perambulator. It is suitable for a very small doll or bear, as it is 10 inches long, including the handles; the body of the carriage itself is 7 ½ inches long and 4 ¾ inches wide. Its height is 10 ½ inches tall to the top of the canopy. It is for display, not play, or for a wonderful photo prop. It would also make a cute decoration for a baby shower.

All four sides of the carriage are made with scrolled wicker that has been lacquered and shaped into dark blue curlicues. The lining and the canopy fabric are black buckram. The 3 inch diameter steel wheels have wooden axles and the swooping steel handles have a wooden hand hold.

The condition is good vintage. Some of the fasteners are rivets and some are small flat head screws. The canopy frame is detached on the right side from the wooden rim; the canopy has no tears or holes, but it does not move. All the parts seem to be intact. The lining is in good shape, also. The carriage sits upright and rolls easily.


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