“Lavender Fields” Sault, Provence, France by Jan Walsh

Hillside picture with black bacground-SOLD-1247 x 1029-jpg.JPG

Sold – Thank You –  $36.00 USD

One of the more breathtaking sights in the world is the rolling hillsides in Provence when the lavender is in bloom. This is a print of an original watercolor that has a foreground of fields of lavender and a background of the commune of Sault, an old fortified village with beautiful mountain views.

The print is framed in lemon gilt painted wood, with a carved outer edge and a beaded inner edge. The mat is white, with a gold line around the inner edge. The words ‘Lavender Fields’ are written in gold script lower left and the name Jan Walsh in gold script lower right, along with an outline drawing of a bird on a branch.

The frame size is 15 inches wide by 12 ¾ inches high, with the print size 9 inches by 6 ¾ inches. The glass, mat, frame and print are all in excellent condition.

This is a really pretty framed print which gives any room a touch of Provence.


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