Italian Pottery Wicker Handled Biscotti Barrel Signed

White Flower Bucket with Lids-2449 x 2576-jpg

Sold Thank You $34.00

This vintage biscotti (cookies) barrel was hand thrown in Italy. It has its original, intact wicker swing handle that’s attached on each side to a brown painted knob. The tan clay was washed with a white glaze and hand painted with flowers and leaves in a band around the circumference. The predominating colors are dusty rose, lemon yellow and leaf green. The flower band is outlined in narrow mocha and yellow lines. The lid also has painted flowers with a blue outer ring and blue knob. It’s signed in blue on the bottom: Italy Vanro 252 and a curlicue. (There is a fair amount of Italian pottery marked Vanro out there, but we’ve had no luck identifying the mark.)

The barrel is 4 3/4 inches tall, 7 3/4 inches tall including the handle and the diameter is 4 1/2 inches. It’s in excellent condition, ready to add a lovely Mediterranean flair to your home.


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