Split River Cane Rectangular Whitewashed Basket

Old White Spotted Basket with wheat on fabric-2994 x 2503-jpg.JPG


This whitewashed rectangular basket was made of split river cane and found in Mississippi, where river cane has been a traditional material for basket making for many generations. The basket was painted many years ago, possibly when it was made, since the paint is far more worn on the outside, the inner bottom and the handle. The curved handle is an unsplit, bent piece of peeled cane, lashed to the sides with very narrow strips of cane tied in a knot on each side. It is also fastened on the outside a few rows down on both sides with a small nail, crusted with paint. The rim is composed of several strips of cane, twisted over and over.

This basket is a nice size, measuring 11 inches long and 9 inches front from to back. Its depth is about 4 1/4 inches and the height including the handle is 11 inches. There are a couple of small open spaces at the outer edges of the bottom (seen in photos two and three) which are not breaks in the cane, but are due to the way the basket was constructed. The condition is really good and the basket looks good in any setting, holding linens in the bathroom or kitchen, grouped with a basket collection or displayed on its own.

PYH 3882

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Wayne Henrich

Linda Henrich

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