Hand Quilted 6 Square Wall Hanging Signed/Dated Chintz & Chocolate

Country Quilt Wall Hanging with Antique bowl and pitcher part-1350 x 1502-jpg

$75.00 Sold Thank You

We love this quilt for its strong, earthy colors and its ability to complement both country and modern interiors, so true of all good folk art. The primary photograph shows only four of the squares but there are six, all done in chintz fabrics surrounded and backed by solid chocolate. From left to right and top to bottom the patterns are: Tulip; Churn Dash; Two Tone X; Traditional Fan; Ohio Star and the last one, two chevrons framed by triangles–we’re not sure of the name of this pattern. All of the quilting was done by hand and signed on the lower right of the reverse ” MB 83″ (1983). The quilting is not fussy but just intricate enough to suit the graphic quality of the squares.

The overall measurements of this wall hanging are 44 inches in length and 30 inches in width. Each square is about 12 inches by 12 inches. The quilter sewed a rod pocket on the upper back along the top edge for easy hanging; the opening measures approximately one inch. The quilt is in wonderful condition, with vibrant color and no tears or discolorations. (In photograph #5, there appears to be a ghostly white circle in the upper right part of the quilt; it is not there–apparently just a trick of the lighting.)

This quilt could be used as a wall hanging, draped over the back of a sofa or bench or perhaps spread on a large table. Wherever it is used, it will be a focal point in your room.

PYH 3817

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