Art Nouveau Porcelain Cabinet Vase Reticulated and Gilded

Gold Colored Ivy two Handle Vase-3057 x 2533-jpg.JPG


This lovely porcelain vase has Art Nouveau flowing lines and two curvy handles.The amphora shaped body was given a soft velvety matte white glaze. The branches, vines and leaves that decorate both the front and the back have raised gilding and beautiful blue green enamel, along with touches of mauve. A matte peach glaze colors the reticulated, scalloped upper rim and the scalloped base. They are accented with gilt, as are the matte peach handles. The interior is unglazed bisque and not meant to hold water. There are no maker or country of origin marks, just a printed G 738 on the bottom. The vase is possibly from Bohemia or Austria but without a mark…

This is a dainty vase, standing 8 inches tall, with a 4 inch wide belly and measuring 3 inch in diameter at the base and the mouth. It’s in top condition and obviously spent its life in a cabinet.

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PYH 3919

Wayne Henrich

Linda Henrich

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