Florida Flying Board Game Complete Scarce Cape Kennedy, Pre-Disney

Vintage Florida Board Game

$60.00 (Sorry This Item Has Been Sold)

Being Floridians, we naturally were delighted to find this scarce Florida Flying Game with its super colorful playing board. It’s a map of Florida that has Cape Kennedy on it, which is one way to date it, since Cape Canaveral was renamed Kennedy in 1963 and changed back to Canaveral in 1973. Another way to date the map is by the absence of Disney World, which opened in 1971. Finally, the instructions pasted (crookedly) on the inside of the box top state that it’s ” A Carroll Card Product” and “Copyright 1964 by Terry Carroll.” Mr. Carroll also wrote and illustrated a coloring book called “Florida’s Poisonous Plants” in 1964 and copyrighted a map of Plantation Florida in 1974.

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