Yellow Ware Oval Pudding Mold With an Ear of Corn Design

Antique Yellow Ware Oval Pudding Mold Ear of Corn Design-sold-4013 x 2779-jpg.JPG

SOLD – Thank You

Although molds like this one are classified as “pudding molds,” they were also used for baking and molding aspics. Often cited as “antique,” this pottery was made and used into the 1930’s. Like most pieces of this age and type, this one is unmarked. There’s an impressed ear of corn in the inside bottom, with ridged, stepped designs leading to a fluted decorative edge with scalloping. It’s definitely been used, very possibly in the high heat of a wood stove. There is overall crazing, uneven underglaze staining and friction wear on the unglazed foot, along with two chips on the recessed underside. There’s a small chip on the interior and a short, tight, hairline crack (see photograph #4). The mold measures 7 ¾ inches high, 6 ¼ inches at its widest and 3 ¼ inches tall. The actual color is a bit darker and a bit more buttery than in the photos. Covered with a clear lead glaze, this mold is not for food use, but for display as a remembrance of an earlier time and a nice piece for a pottery collection.

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PYH 3962

Wayne Henrich

Linda Henrich

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