Ashanti Akua’ba–African Female Fertility Figure (SOLD)

Ghana Fertility Wood Carving-2290 x 2592-jpg.JPG

Sold Thank You – $55.00

This hand carved wooden ritual fertility figure from the Ashanti (also called Asante) people in Ghana is one of the most recognized African art forms the world over. These carvings, named akua’ba, are blessed by priests, then carried by the women in the tribe who wish to become pregnant or to ensure the health and beauty of a child they are pregnant with. They are typically secured on the woman’s back, where she would usually carry her baby. These Ashanti figures have large flat heads that exhibit a high oval forehead, considered the tribal ideal of beauty. The rings on the neck symbolize rolls of fat, also considered beautiful.

This carving is 13 inches tall, 6 inches at the widest part of her head and has an oval base measuring 2 1/2 inches by 2 1/8 inches. There is a very tiny area of roughness on the edge of the top of her head, but the condition overall is excellent for a vintage carving that has seen use.

This carving will add a beautiful African accent to your home.

PYH 3961

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Wayne Henrich

Linda Henrich

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