Silvered Modernist Art Glass 16 Inch Centerpiece Bowl

silver art glass charger bowl
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Item Name Silvered Modernist Art Glass 16 Inch Centerpiece Bowl
Price Sold – Thank You –$150.00
Sillver looking large platter tilted inside view
Sillver looking large mercury glass type platter bottom view
Sillver looking large mercury platter close up center view
Sillver looking large mercury platter 2-shine
Dazzling…Dramatic…Striking and Impressive…Some of the many adjectives that describe this vintage silvered art glass bowl. A full 16 inches across and standing 2 1/2 inches tall, this is a statement piece and a focal point wherever it’s placed. The very heavy (4 1/4 pounds) glass bowl has designs that include chevrons and ovals that diminish in size as they get closer and closer to the center, creating a fascinating op-art effect. Lighting affects it in different ways–as you can see in photograph #5, which was lighted differently than the other four. The bowl is smooth in the center of the inside, but feels “lumpy” as you run your fingers up toward the edge, which is scalloped. On the underside, pictured in photograph #3, every part of the design can be felt. The bowl was painted with silver on the underside, which has darkened with age topside. It’s in fantastic condition, with just a few flakes of silver missing on the bottom, which are only detectable on the front when the bowl is held up to direct light (which, given its weight, you probably won’t do that often!)

On a coffee table, buffet, console or entry table, this bowl needs no accompaniment to look smashing.

Note: One of the search classifications we used for this bowl is “Mercury Glass.” This bowl is not real, antique mercury glass, which is two layers of glass with silver nitrate between them (not mercury, so it’s a misnomer). Shoppers looking for silvered or silvery glass, however, will use “mercury glass” to search, so we included this bowl.

PYH 3983

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