Original Woodcut Signed Senno in a Shabby 1940’s Frame

This is a quirky and charming vintage woodcut of a dapper gentleman with a top hat (probably silk, judging from the shine on it) and a white scarf tied around his neck and flowing down his back. It’s artist signed in white ink at lower left: Senno. The only Senno we know about (or could find) is Pietro Senno (1831-1904) who is known for his paintings. But artists often work in more than one medium…

This black and white woodcut is double matted under glass. The outer mat is grayish/cream and is outlined twice with white ink. The inner mat is a slightly darker shade of the same color. The frame is one inch wide wood molding that has aged and worn very nicely (although you can see two nail heads at each corner.) The molding was painted cream with a narrow raised inner edge that’s a lime green that has mellowed over the years. This type of frame was popular in the 1940’s. The back is sealed with a slick paper, not the usual brown kraft paper. There’s a couple of screw eyes and wire that work just fine for hanging. The framed size is 8 3/8 inches wide by 10 1/8 inches tall; the actual (sight) size of the woodcut is 3 3/8 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches tall. It’s all in very good condition and an interesting work of art to hang or prop on a shelf or small easel.

PYH 3851




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