Hand Built Pit Fired Red Clay Large Olla Native American Style

Splattered Pot on White Background with Palms-3127 x 2592-jpg.JPG


This large high shouldered pot or olla was hand coiled of red clay; the coil marks, though smoothed, are still visible in the interior. It was pit fired, historically the original method of baking clay to make it hard and usable. In the photos, you can see the marks the fire made, especially on the bottom. The pot was burnished and sealed on the exterior and is a beautiful piece of pottery that can be used as a vase or stand alone as sculptural art.

The pot measures 7 inches tall and about 8 inches at the shoulder; the mouth is 3 1/2 inches across and the base is 5 inches in diameter. It weighs a very sturdy 3 3/4 pounds. There is a white paper label on the bottom which reads: MA. 13/TB. We have no idea if this has any significance but it was on the pot when we found it. There are no other identifying marks. It’s very reminiscent of Navajo red clay pitch pottery, but we’re not positive it is of Native American origin. It’s in superb condition, with just a few rubs in the clear glaze and some wear on the bottom that shows age. It’s a piece that works beautifully with almost any interior decor.

PYH 3891

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