Crystal Centerpiece Footed Bowl Frosted and Clear Art Deco

Lg Glass Frosted Bowl-2946 x 1725-jpg.JPG


A gorgeous large crystal bowl perfect for a centerpiece on table or sideboard, this art glass piece is composed of four quadrants of frosted glass molded into waves. Each section has a large swoosh of clear glass that widens and ends in a round swirl. The upper rim is scalloped, with some of the scallops larger than others. The total effect is very Art Deco or Art Moderne.

This very heavy crystal piece weighs in at almost 3 1/2 pounds. It is 9 1/4 inches across at the top, stands 4 inches tall and sits on a 1/4 inch high, 4 3/4 inch diameter foot. It’s in very good vintage condition, with a few tiny scratches on the frosted areas that are barely discernible until you hold the bowl up to the light and closely examine it. There’s no maker’s mark or signature and we’ve been unable to attribute it to any glassmaker so far, which is a shame, because it is such a lovely accomplishment.

PYH 3992

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