Ginger Jars Incised With Prunus Branches, Plums and Blossoms

Large Ginger Jars Incised With Prunus Branches, Plums and Blossoms

Sold – Thank You – $135.00

This beautiful pair of tall ginger jars feature a cream glazed ground with incised prunus branches laden with ripe and unripe plums, flowers, buds and leaves. The flowering of the prunus tree is a favorite theme in Asian art, as it is highly regarded as a welcome sign of spring. The decorations on these jars were hand enameled in soft, natural colors that are so easy to live with. The bottom of the jars were given just a clear glaze, revealing the fine white clay used. The iron red underglaze mark, shown in photograph #3, is WBI in a circle with MADE IN CHINA beneath and then a copyright mark. WBI stands for the World Banking Institute, the arm of the World Bank which assists countries with economic development, as they did in China.

These jars are about 10 inches tall with the lid on and 8 inches across at the widest point of the shoulder. The base has a 5 1/2 inch diameter and each jar weighs 4 pounds 4 ounces. Other than the usual rubbing and “shelf dirt” on the unglazed foot rim, these ginger jars are the epitome of excellent condition, ready to grace your home with a timeless Asian elegance.

PYH 4027

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