Folk Art Siamese Cats Door Stops

Folk Art Door Stops Pair of Hand Made Hand Painted Siamese Cats


This pair of Siamese cat doorstops were hand made out of sheet metal mounted on pine bases with red felted bottoms. The realistic hand painting, done on both sides of each door stop, includes powder blue eyes and shading to the bodies that nicely simulates fur. There are tiny pierced holes along all the edges which show up basically as spots in the photographs. As you can see in photograph #2, the bases are cleverly made to tuck under the bottom edge of your door, but they can also be put to use as bookends or shelf sitters.

The overall measurements are 13 1/4 inches long, almost 3 1/2 inches from front to back and 8 inches tall to the tip of the tail. The cats themselves are about 9 1/2 inches long. The pine has a honey color stain on it but no clear top finish so it has a soft matte look. The paint on the Siamese twins is in amazingly good shape. Though they’ve likely spent their nine lives under doors, they’re in excellent condition and a great find for the cat lover or folk art collector,

PYH 4057

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