Tonalá Mexico Bruñido Pottery Hand Painted Wall Charger

Tonala Mexican Platter Front view

Item Name
Mexican Hand Painted Wall Charger

Of all the traditional ceramics made in Tonalá, Jalisco State, Mexico, this type, called bruñido (burnished) is the best known. These pieces are not glazed, but, after the hand painted designs are applied, are coated with slip (liquid clay) and then polished with a stone. The central motif on this wall charger or platter are a pair of quail watching a flock in the sky with a very fanciful, stylized background of flowers and leaves. The border motifs are various colored lines and leaves. Colors used were grey, ocher, green, white and black. The back of the platter is unglazed and there is a molded hanger so it can be hung on a wall or can stand alone on a table, dresser or shelf. It’s stamped in black ‘Mexico’ (photograph #4).

The charger measures about 12″ across, stands about 1 inch high and weighs 2 pounds. There are some scratches in the bare clay on the back from being moved against a wall and some tiny areas of rubbing and paint loss along the edges. The painting is in great condition and the platter itself has no chips or cracks. This piece displays beautifully and works well with other folk art pottery.

PYH 4102



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