Studio Pottery Pitcher Hand Thrown Great Abstract Designs

Green and brown drip glaze pitcher handle left

Item Name
Signed Pottery Pitcher Great Designs

This hand thrown studio pottery pitcher has so many designs and textures going on, it’s a decorative delight. The rough tan stoneware clay it’s made of provides a speckled background for the glaze colors of seafoam green, caramel, cream, black and ruby red. There’s a brown drip that runs horizontally below the rim of the mouth and the abstract designs are raised, curved and swirled. The handle was pulled from the clay and given a half seafoam, half caramel color treatment, raised ridges and an interesting pinched treatment at the base. There’s a lovely open, rounded spout. The seafoam green was dripped into the interior, which was given a coat of cream. Only the bottom is unglazed, and is signed with a confident incised mark that we have yet to identify.

The pitcher’s height is about 5 inches, it’s 6 inches from spout to handle and it’s 4 inches from front to back. The piece weighs a little over a pound and is in terrific condition. Since the interior is glazed, it will hold liquids–about 2 1/2 cups (20 ounces). It’s an art pottery piece with lots of flair for a collection or home/office decoration.

PYH 4107

Green and brown drip glaze pitcher bottom mark view


Green and brown drip glaze pitcher rim view




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