Indian Gathering Basket Amazon Baniwa Tribe, South America

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Gathering Basket
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This intricately plaited round basket is called a waláya (flat basket bowl). It was made by the Baniwa tribe of the Rio Negro (Black River) area which borders Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela in the Amazon rainforest. The basket, used for food gathering, was woven of straw extract from a plant called Arumã de Mato, an herb that grows in swampy areas. The leaves are scratched, washed, dried and then some are painted black or red with natural dyes. The basket was formed with hoop-shaped pliable branches stripped of bark, which was used to make the strips that fasten the hoops front and back. These strips of bark are so incredibly fine they look like sewing thread. The rim of the basket was woven in two rows of chevron patterns in alternating directions. The geometric designs are learned by the tribe members when they are children; each has a symbolic meaning in their mythology. The diamonds on this basket represent butterflies.

Brazil Tribal Gathering Basket-bottom view-The basket is not completely round, as is often the case with hand made objects. Measured one way it is 12 1/4 inches across and the other way it is 12 inches. It stands 3 inches high and is in excellent condition, with no breaks, stains or missing pieces. Whether sitting flat, standing on a shelf or table or mounted on the wall, it adds a wonderful ethnic flavor to any room.

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